What is a Customer Database Profile?

A customer Database Profile saves the caller's preferences, which range from your speed dial list to favorite method of communication. It also stores your most frequently dialed numbers. Below are all the details that the profile includes:


Answer Protocol:

Whether you choose VCO or HCO, your call will be answered in the protocol you request.


Do Not Announce:
The CA will not announce the call as a relay call or give instructions on how to use relay service.


No Background Noises:
The CA will eliminate the background noises during the relayed conversation.


Abbreviate Auto-Messages:
Instead of relaying a recorded message verbatim, you can save time by asking the CA to abbreviate the messages from automated or voice response systems.

Slow Typing:
The CA will type slower than required.


ASL Translation:
The CA will type in written format similar to American Sign Language and translate the typed message into conversational English.


Speed Dial List:
A list of 30 of your most frequently called telephone numbers. Just give list name or telephone number of the person you want to call that is on your list and the CA will dial the number.


Personal Pass Code:
Protect your speed dial list with an established personal pass code. When you are away from your normal.



To Set Up Your Profile:


  1. You can set up your Customer Database Profile by contacting Tennessee Relay Service Customer Service at 866-503-0262. Representatives will take your request and can set up your profile while you are on the phone.

  2. Or you can have a form mailed to you to fill out.

  3. Or you can click here to download the form to fill out.

  4. Send the completed form to: 
    Tennessee Relay Customer Service
    P.O. Box 29230
    Shawnee Mission, KS 66201-9230
  5. Or fax the form to 1-877-877-3291
  6. Or You can also fill out the form online.

            Click here to go online 



For more information or need assistance, contact:

  • Tennessee Relay Customer Service:
    - 866-503-0262 (TTY/Voice)



Angie Officer
Sr. Program Manager
Tennessee Relay Service
Mailstop: VARESF0213
12524 Sunrise Valley Drive Reston, VA 20196

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